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Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet.

1. Passengers on the aircraft are asked to secure _____ belongings during takeoff and landing.


2. East Abihay City is run ____ a mayor and six-member council who are elected for four years.


3. Due to its need for ____ repairs, the Paliot 12Z conveyor belt is scheduled to be replaced by a more efficient model.


4. On July 23, Mr. Saito will be named chairman of the board ____ president of Tairex Electrnics.


5. Any problems with the new software system should be reported to the system administrator_____.


6. Employees currently working in Ridge Manufacturing’s branch offices will move into the new headquarters _____ the building is finished.


7. Because of a ____ increase in profits this quarter, Tyro Sportswear employees will receive their first-ever year-end bonus.


8. ____ about the actual cost of the project have delayed the plans for expanding the arena.


9. You may return for full credit any merchandise with ____ you are not satisfied.


10. Preparing a budget encourages an executive to ____ several options before deciding on a course of action.


11. Arcosa Design Ltd. Offers digital and print design ____ that fit the individual client’s requirements.


12. Consumers are advised to use caution when applying this product ____ fabrics that have been dyed by hand.


13. Amonarth Premium paints are highly ____ to most stains aand can be cleaned easily with soap and water.


14. The company-sponsored five-kilometer run will be held on October 15, and all employees ____ to participate.


15. In the decade ____ its was founded, Liu and Wang Corporation has become a legend in creative advertising.


16. ____ demonstrating an impressive work ethic, Ms. Hyun often takes on extra projects in addition to her regular workload.


17. Visitors should reserve opera tickets well in advance ____ they hope to see a performance while in Westgard City.


18. No firm can ____ to reply forever only on the strength of its name to sell products.


19. Library patrons who fail to return an item by the due date ____ a fee. 


20. Staff members should work in pairs during the training workshop to help ____ master the procedure for handling customer service inquiries.


21. Greenleaf will soon publish a ____, pocket version of Manuel Santiago’s book An Insider’s Guide to Travel in Argentina.


22. Because Legolos Company recognizes the importance of protecting customer information, it has made data privacy a high ____.


23. The sales invoice contains all the terms and conditions _____ by the buyer and seller.


24. in her latest article in Earthbound Science Journal, ecologist Mei Ling offers a ____ review of Paul Winthrop’s research on drought resistance.


25. Under the direction of James Pak, the orchestra has become one of the most highly ____ performing arts groups in the region.


26. Our e-mail system is ____ known as Fast Track, even though its official name is Fast Mail Delivery and Tracking system.


27. The strategic planning committee’s recommendation was that more emphasis should be put ____ research and development in the coming year.


28. Major industries in this district include food processing and aircraft ____.


29. Staff members ____ for promotion will be notified by management within ten days.


30. Director Kawamura’s ____ is that those with expertise in the field should be responsible for the final hiring decision.


31. Evergo’s latest hiking shoe, the Rugged Wear Trekker, is _____ named for its durability and strength.


32. Because she felt that the tourism video appeared to have been ____ made, Ms. Peppin recommended that it be filmed again.


33. Linella Media Group has indicated that growth in its new media revenues last year helped ____ a decrease in television advertising.


34. Since employees often have to meet with clients with no prior notice, Park Interior Design enforces dress code ____ at all times.


35. The Global Marketing Manager is required to travel extensively and so must be ____ to unfamiliar situations.


36. The effective use of landscaping makes the difference between having a real garden and ____ a collection of plants.


37. The impressive floral display at the building entrance is _____ made up of blue flowers, with a few red ones artfully placed throughout.


38. The new restaurant on Park Avenue has ____ much excitement because of the international reputation of its executive chef.


39. By the time Clear Blaze Technology’s word processing program goes on the market, software engineers _____ its remaining flaws.


40. The Produce Growers Association has distributed a pamphlet to area supermarkets that lists fruits and vegetables with the highest ____ of vitamins.


Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word or phrase is missing in some of the sentences. Four answer choices are given below each of the sentences. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.
Question 41 – 43 refer to the following e-mail.
To: Brent Howard bhoward@casystems.com
From: Mio Tanisawa <mt481@allpaper.com
Subject: Order #5821
Date: February 2

Mr. Howard:
We have _(41)_ your fax order for a case of hanging file folders. We have in stock the style of


folders you requested, but you did not specify a color on the order form. We currently carry the Pro Stock Hanging File Folder in black, navy blue, light green, and orange.
If you could please get back to me with your _(42)_ before the end of the day today, I will


make sure that your order is processed in time for delivery by the end of the week. Please let me know if you are in need of any other office products at this time. You may respond to this e-mail or call me _(43)_ at 415-555-0166, ext. 42.
Warm regards,

Mio Tanisawa
Customer Relations
All Paper Industries


Question 44-46 refer to the following letter.
Brisbane Independent Daily Herald
PO Box 515
Queensland 4000

Dear Ms. Hsu,
We are writing to inform you that your Brisbane Independent Daily Herald subscription rate is about to change from $18.75 per month to $21.00 per month. We regret any financial burden this may place on our subscribers, but _(44)_ our rising operating costs, we find the change unavoidable.


The _(45)_ will go into effect on 1 May.


The Brisbane Independent Daily Herald greatly appreciates your loyalty, and we remain committed _(46)_ timely and accurate news coverage to our readers.
Feel free to call us at 3403-0122 with any questions or concerns.


William Vane, Manager
Circulation Department


Question 47-49 refer to the following e-mail.

To: Stephen Miller

From: Matsuyama Elegance Hotel, Guest Relations

Subject: Survey

Date: June 18

Dear Mr. Miller,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing the Matsuyama Elegance Hotel for your recent visit. It is our sincere hope that we _(47)_ able to provide you with an

experience of the highest quality.


We invite you to participate in our guest survey about your recent overnight stay at the Matsuyama Elegance Hotel. Your feedback is _(48)_ important to us as it helps ensure we are meeting our goals of exceptional hospitality and unequalled service.


To access the survey, please visit www.matsuyamaelegance.co.jp/survey and enter the following password: CJA3N

We sincerely thank you for sharing your opinions as we continue to do our best to make each visit  _(49)_.

Best regards,

Takedhi Hattori

Guest Relations

Matsuyama Elegance Hotel


Question 50-52 refer to the following article.

Nahan-Messer Launches a New Division

January 11

Nahan-Messer Publishing announced today the launch of a division dedicated to science fiction. The division, Lightspeed Press, will publish twenty original titles this year. It will be led by Clars Bryce, longtime fiction _(50)_ at Nahan-Messer.


The publisher’s roster of science fiction authors has grown large enough in recent years to merit its own division, according to Bryce. “Increasingly, readers are seeking a sense of wonder, conveyed so well by science fiction,” said Bryce. Lightspeed was create to address this _(51)_.”


All of Nahan-Messer’s established science fiction authors have been moved to the new division. _(52)_, Lightspeed has acquired several first-time novelists. Its first release, A Giant of Industry

By Lily Riddle, will be published on March 15.


Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, letters, and advertisements. Each text is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

Question 53-54 refer to the following invitation

The Business Initiative Society

 of Greater San Marino

invites you to our regularly held Social Hour.

This is an open forum for owners of small companies

to meet and discuss issues affecting our area.

San Marino Botanical Gardens

Every Friday evening

6:30 -7:30 P.M.

Light refreshments will be served.

Upcoming speakers

April 1: Alfredo Rojas, San Marino Mayor

April 2: Alexis Lin, San Marino Chamber of Commerce President

April 15: Dana O’Leary, owner, Pinewood Grill

53. For who is the invitation intended?


54. How often is the event held?


Question 55-56 refer to the following survey.

Thank you for shopping ay Marlowe’s! Please fill out this questionnaire in order to help us better understand customer needs.

  1. How often do you visit Marlowe’s?

___Daily                     _v_Weekly                                         ___Monthly

  1. How much do you spend on an average visit?

__Under $20              ___$20-$40                              ___$40-$60

__$60-$80                   ___$80-$100                           _v__Over $100

  1. What kinds of products did you purchase today?

___ Uniforms for chefs and waiters

___ Cookware (pots, pans)

_v_ Tableware (glasses, plates, cutlery)

__ Professional cleaning supplies

Name (optional)             Sanjiv Patel

Business (optional)        India Palace

55. What type of business in Marlowe’s?


56. How much does Mr. Patel usually spend at Marlowe’s?


Question 57-59 refer to the following announcement.

April 16

Dear Ms. Gianetti:

As you may know, our office is moving to a new location at 1837 Plymouth Avenue (across the street from the Bailey supermarket). Construction is finally complete, and we will begin seeing patients there on Monday, May 2.

The new location offers twice as many parking spaces, more examination rooms, and a larger waiting room than the old office on Eastbridge Road did. In order to accommodate an increase in the number of patients, our new schedule will offer weekend appointments and longer hours during the workweek; we will now be open 8 A.M. – 6 P.M., Monday – Friday, and 10 A.M. – 3 P.M., on Saturday. We are also welcoming two additions to our staff: Dr. Anne Hui, who has been practicing dentistry for over ten years, and Ellen Howard, our new dental assistant.

For detailed directions to the new location, see the enclosed map. Please note that Exit 9 is the nearest exit if you are driving on the Benson Highway. The nearest light rail station is Grosvenor Street.

Dr. Charles Somerville

57. What kind of business is moving?


58. Where was the business previously located?


59. What is suggested about the business?


Question 60-61 refer to the following meno.


To: All Hourly Employees

From: Marisa Gomez, President

Date: December 15

Re: Payroll Processing

The accounting department will begin transferring employee information into the new online timekeeping system on or around January 2. The system will be operational beginning on February 1. Starting on that date, all employees must enter their work hours into the online system daily. January 31 is the last date on which the accounting department will accept the old paper timesheets.

Christopher Van Pelt will be leading a tutorial on the new system on January 15. To sign up, please call him at ext. 478.

60. What are employees being asked to do?


61. When will the policy change take effect?


Question 62-65 refer to the following advertisement.

The Manor at Aldous Street

in one of Barchester’s most livable neighborhoods

Parkhurst’s newest apartment building offers city life at its most comfortable and convenient. The Manor at Aldous Street has a wide array of shops and fine restaurants just outside its door. And for daily commutes to the city center, public transportation is available at the Queens Landing station, just a short walk to the north,

Our apartment units range from one to three bedrooms. Each unit has the following:

a full-sized kitchen complete with newly installed refrigerator, oven, and dishwashing machine; a dining room separate from the kitchen; and a spacious sitting room with balcony access.

Residents will also have access to complimentary high-speed Internet, shared laundry facilities, and, for an additional monthly fee, the parking garage.

Tour an apartment at The Manor at Aldous Street today. Call Henman Estate Agents at 0430-555-0108 to schedule an appointment.

Visit our web site at www.henmanestateagents.co.au/themanorataldousstreet for apartment floor plans, photos of the building, and a map of the Parkhurst neighborhood. Units will be available beginning on April 1.

62. What is being advertised?


63. How is the Parkhurst neighborhood described?


64. What is suggested about the units at The Manor?


65. What is NOT available on the Henman Website?


Questions 66-68 refer to the following letter

Waitakere Zoo

January 22

Allan McBride

89 Havilland Avenue

Henderson 0610, New Zealand

Dear Mr.McBride;

On behalf of the Friends of the Waitakere Zoo, I thank you for your donation. Your generosity, along with that of other donors, has enabled us to complete construction on the African Savannah enclosure. When it opens in July, the enclosure will provide our antelope, giraffe, and zebra populations an environment that is more similar to their natural habitat than zoo enclosures typically are. Moreover, it will give visitors a better vantage from which to view these beautiful creatures.

We are pleased to inform you that your name will be listed with the names of other donors on a commemorative plaque at the entrance to the African Savannah enclosure. As a further token of our appreciation, please accept a full season pass, which will allow you and one guest to enter at no charge. It will arrive this week in a separate letter.

Thank you again for your support. We look forward to your next visit to the zoo.

Your sincerely,

Joseph Thimaera

Joseph Thimaera

Associate Director

Friends of the Waitakere Zoo

66. What is the purpose of the letter?


67. What is stated about the new enclosure?


68. What will Mr. McBride receive?


Question 69-72 refer to the following notice.

Passenger Check-in

Air Albion asks that you allow yourself ample time to board your flight. Passenger check-in and security screening are subject to unexpected and sometimes lengthy delays. Please arrive at the airport at least one hour before scheduled departure of flights within the United Kingdom, 90 minutes before departure of fights from the UK to Ireland, and two hours before departure of flights from the UK to international destinations other than Ireland.

Valid government-issued photo identification, such as a passport, driving license, or national identity card, is required at check-in. The name on the ID must match the name in which the reservation was made.

Your reservation is subject to cancellation and/or additional rescheduling fees if you are not checked in and present at the boarding gate at least 10 minutes before scheduled departure of domestic fights between the UK and Ireland, and at least 25 minutes before scheduled departure of all other international flights.

Domestic flights and flights between the UK and Ireland do not require confirmation. For all other international flights, confirm your reservation at least 24 hours before departure by phoning 0844-555-0-109 or visiting our Website at www.airablon.co.uk.

69. What is suggested about the check-in process?


70. How far in advance should passengers arrive at the airport if flying to Ireland?


71. In paragraph 2, line 2, the word “match” in closest in meaning to


72. For what destination from the UK, would passengers have to confirm a flight in advance?


Question 73-75 refer to the following article.

Hochstein to Be Headed

by Barrault Bondy Executive

February 10 – Recent movement of executives among the fashion industry’s leading companies apprears not to be ending anytime soon. Hochstein Shoes, Inc., Swiss-based retailer and manufacturer of men’s shoes, announced today that its chief executive officer, Gerard Hullot, will retire, and that Angelica Ferrara, current executive vice president of Barrault Bond will take his place.

Experts say the succession represents a major upset within the industry, since Barrault Bondy, the Paris-based manufacturer, is one of Hochstein’s leading competitors in the high-end shoe market.

Hullot’s departure comes as little surprise, however. He had publicly indicated his desire to retire in order to write a memoir his long career in fashion, over thirty years of which were spent at Hochstein. Nevertheless, most experts had expected him to stay on until after November, when the company’s winter collection is released.

Ferrara’s move has generated much speculation about who will take her place at Barrault Bondy. Sources there indicate that current design director Marcel Hugo will be named the new executive vice president in a press release later this week.

73. What is the main topic of the article?


74. How does the article describe Mr. Hullot?


75. According to the article, what will probably happen later this week?


Question 76-80 refer to the following letter
Crockett Center for Community Development
28 February Avenue
Austin, TX 73301
May 16

Dathan Shaw, Urban Outreach Director
Integral Harvest
Denver, CO 80210

Dear Mr. Shaw:

I enjoyed our meeting last week. I know of no other non-profit organization that performs such a vital service for all-natural agriculture as yours does, and I am enthusiastic about the prospect of the Crocket Center working with Integral Harvest.

As you know, the Crockett Center has recently turned its attention to urban gardening. On this front, the main priorities are to expand existing community gardens in Austin and to found new ones in neighborhoods currently lacking them. Therefore, I would like to proceed with the gardening classes we discussed in our meeting, to be taught on-side by Integral Harvest representatives and attended by Austin community residents. If you will let me know your representative’ availability for teaching the classes and also the range of topics they will cover, I can prepare a class schedule and generate interest in it among residents. My assistant, Cindy Reed, will call you shortly for this information.

As for your proposal that Integral Harvest representative demonstrate organic gardening to elementary school students here in Austin, since our meeting I have spoken with several school administrators. It seems that a number of the schools have gardening clubs, so students and teachers alike should make a receptive audience. Let us discuss this proposal further in our next meeting, which Ms. Reed will schedule.

I am sure that, if our two organizations work together, we can do much to promote urban gardening as a rewarding and healthful endeavor.

Your sincerely,

Letitia Price

Letitia Price, Executive Director
Crockett Center for Community Development

76. What is the purpose of the letter?


77. What is stated as one of the Crockett Center’s goals?


78. What subject was most likely discussed when Mr. Shaw and Ms. Price met?


79. Why will Ms. Reed contact Mr. Shaw?


80. What did Mr. Shaw propose that Integral Harvest do in Austin schools?


Questions 81- 85: Refer to the following advertisement and e-mail.
Eyson Financial, a leading financial services firm with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia, seeks a senior graphic designer to join our marketing department, which is based at our Vancouver, Canada, headquarter. A relocation package is availble to the right candidate.
Responsibillities of the position include:
– Conceptualizing/designing promotional materials, such a brochures, presentations, and Web pages, in compliance marketing specifications and in coordination with Web administrator.
– Leading a 4-member team of junior graphic designers
– Overseeing all aspects of production from concept to final product
– Maintaining hard copy and electronic files of all work produced
– Acting as final check for accuracy before publication
The ideal candidate must possess the following:
– 5-6 years of design experience with increasing responsibility
– A large, diverse portfollo of design work
– Proficiency with major graphic design software programs
– Proven ability to meet deadlines
Experience managing a design team and familliarity with the financial services industry are preferred but not required.
Send resume, cover letter, and four samples of past work by June 10 to Celia Warner, Human Resources Director, by e-mail: cwamer@etsonfiancial.com.

To: May Park, mpark@etsonfinancial.com
From: Celia Warner, cwarner@etsonfiancial.com
Date: June 12
Subject: Job applicant
Today I received an application for the senior graphic designer position from a Peter Gladstone. Although he misses the application deadline, I urge you to include him in the pool of job candidates. Mr. Gladstone’s resume indicates that he possesses both the required and the required and the preferred qualifications outlined in the job posting, and the samples of his designs for Maeterkinck Financial are very impressive his application materials to this e-mail. Let me know what you think
Thank you

81. What is suggested about Etson Fiancial?


82. What does the advertised job involve?


83. What is NOT a necessary qualification for the position?


84. What is the purpose of the e-mail?


85. What is indicates about Mr. Gladstone?


Question 86- 90: Refer to the following press release and warranty agreement.

Voluntary Recall of Mountain Bike

December 12 – In cooperation with the National Consumer Safety Council, Zorynth Cycle announces a voluntary recall of the Grand Vista mountain bike, batch number 34199. According to the results of factory tasting, the rubber uses in the tires with which this batch was fitted is subject to premature wear. This is turn may cause tires to leak air.

Grand Vista bicycles produced in batch 34199 qualify for free replacement, to be performed at the dealer where the purchase was made. The majority of bicycles from batch 34199 were sold at Ellenbrock Sports locations, with a few hundred being sold through other dealers. To determine whether a Grand Vista is eligible under this recall, simply look for the batch number imprinted on the underside of the frame near the seat.

Customer should contact the dealer immediately to the schedule the replacement. For futher information on the recall program, contact the Zorynth Cycle hotline at 1 (800) 555-0181 or visit the company Web site www. Zorynthcycle.com.


Zoryth Cyde

13 Tishomingo Rd.

Oxford, MS 38655

Contract Date: November 23








Serial number



262 Clover Ct.

Columbia, FL 340


Grand Vista 267823 Hennessy Bikes and More

334 Phillip Rd.

Columbia, FL 34024

This is to certify that this Zorynth Cyde product carries a warranty on any part that is defective of fails during normal operation or sevice, for the period of 5 years. In case of defect or failure, cost of repair will be borne by Zorynth Cyde. Shipping costs are sole responsibility of the owner.

86. What does the press release mainly discuss?


87. In the press release, the word “wear” in paragraph 1, line 4, closest in meaning to


88. What problem was discovered?


89. According to the press release, how can customers learn if a bicycle qualifies for the program?


90. Where should Mr. Simpson take his Grand Vista?


Questions 91- 95: Refer to the following article and advertisement

Historic Cinema Reopens

November 10 – After years of disuse, the historic Croton Theater in Hollywood will reopen as the new location of the Metropolitan Film Society’s repertory cinema.

The Croton is one of the most architecturally cinemas in the country, according to society president Molly Harris. Built in 1925, it features a façade designed in the Art Deco style and an interior with ornate carvings and a 10-meter-high ceiling.

Since purchasing the building two years ago, the society has embarked on extensive renovations “We have restored the building to its former grandeur” said Harris. “ But we have also modernized it, from the plumbing all the way to the digital projectors”

According to Harris, the society is moving because its original site on Vine Street was no longer large enough. “Our audience sizes have increased in recent years, and the croton will allow us to screen classics and important new films in the setting they deserve.”

The Society’s administrative offices have already moved to the new location, and its cinema schedule resumes on Saturday, December 3, with a selection films by Jack Dodge, director of such classic westerns as A Calico Wedding Dress and Show Train to Tucson.

For Harris, the choice of Dodge was crucial for the reopening. “When he moved to Hollywood as a young man, his first job was as a projectionist at this very cinema. Years later he premiered what is now his best-known film, Dust on the Horizon, here. He even ran the projector for old time’s sake. Few people have heard of his connection to the Croton, but I think of it every time I step inside the building.”


The Metropolitan Film Society presents

A career- spanning retrospective of the master of the classical western

Jack Dodge and the American West                                   December 3-10


Broken- down Wagon

Fort Washita

A Calico Wedding Dress

Smoke and Iron

The Indomitable

Slow Train to Tucson

Dust on the Horizon


Saturday, Dec. 3

Sunday, Dec. 4

Tuesday, Dec.6

Wednesday, Dec. 7

Thursday, Dec. 8

Friday, Dec. 9

Saturday, Dec. 10

Show times

3:00, 5:45, 8:30

3:00, 5:45, 8:30

7:30, 10:00

7:30, 10:00

7:30, 10:00

7:30, 10:00

3:00, 5:45, 8:30

Admission Adults $11 Students $8.50 Children $7 Members $5

15 Sunset Blvd. between Fountain Ave. & Melrose Ave.


91. What is indicated about the Croton Theater?


92. What is suggested about the society’s location on vine Street?


93. In the article, the word “very” in paragraph 6, line 2, is closest in meaning to


94. When is it possible to see Jack Dodge’s most famous work?


95. What film will be shown only two time?


Questions 96-100: Refer to the following announcement and e-mail

December 4- Terhi Home, the home furnishings manufacturer based in Helsinki, Finland, announced yesterday a multi-year distribution agreement with the south Korean department store chain Munsan

Terhi Home’s products, which include furniture, dishware, and bedding, are sold in department stores throughout Europe and the United States. The agreement with Dae Sun, one of Korea’s largest retailers marks Terhi Home’s first venture in Asia.

Mika Jaakkola, Tehri Home President, cited Munsan’s reputation for the quality of its inventory as a major reason for the agreement: “Like Terhi Home, Munsan is asscoites with beauty and luxury. There is simply no better partner for our brand.”

Munsan Marketing Director, Byung-soon Rhee, is equally pleased with the agreement. “Terhi have the innovation style for which Munsan is famous. The brand will delight our customers and perhaps attract new ones to our stores.”

Terhi Home products will debut in Munsan’s flagship store in Seoul in early will be sold in the store’s seven other locations starting in May.

February 12

Mika Jaakkola, President

Terhi Home

Kaerlakatu 10

F1-201101 Helsinki, Finland

Dear Ms.Jaakkola,

We are pleased that you will attend the events surrounding the debut of Terhi Home products in our stores. Since January, our marketing team has engaged in an intensive campaign on behalf of the Terhi brand and created great deal of anticipation for it among our customers.

Please keep me updates on the arrangements of your travel Seoul so that I can arrange for you to meets with Marketing director Michelle Rhee here. As discussed, we would also you like you to be present in the Seoul store on the first day the products are sold. We have scheduled a few brief interviews for you with trade publications at that time.

Your sincerely

Gyong-si Park

Gyong-si Park

Associate Marketing Director

Munsan Department Stores

96. What does the press release mainly discuss?


97. What is NOT mentioned about Terhi Home?


98. What is Ms.Jaakkola expected to do?


99. When will Ms.Jaakkola most likely visit Seoul?


100. What does Mr.Park say about Ms.Rhee’s team?


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