Test Trình Độ Tiếng Anh 2

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In the Reading test, you will read a variety of texts and answer several different types of reading comprehension questions. The entire Reading will last 75 minutes. There are three parts, and directions are given for each part. You are encouraged to answer as many questions as possible within the time allowed.

You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not write your answer in your test book.


Directions: A word or phraseis missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

1. Dr. Braun will write ——letters only for interns who master every task expected of a junior copy editor.


2. The ——of a new chief financial officer at Veracore Industries was announced on April 6.


3. After a six-month probationary period, city employees are ——to take vacation days.


4. Ms. Larensky is applying with several different agencies to obtain the permits ——for the outdoor art event.


5. This letter serves as ——that we have received and processed your credit-card cancellation request.


6. Many people at the company have industry experience, but only a handful of ——can see the future importance of current trends.


7. The new furniture for the conference room is scheduled to be delivered ——on Tuesday.


8. After working in Canada for ten years, Cha Joon has ——to Seout to plan the opening of an upscale restaurant.


9. Toucan Database System is designed to perform a detailed financial analysis —–


10. The city council approved the bill to increase funding for its road improvement —–


11. The Neighborhood Involvenment Program honors residents ——volunteer their time to help Egin City.


12. Several architects ——intriguing design plans for the Hadler Building’s addition.


13. The updated training program is limited to site supervisors ——the Casey Medical Care system.


14. Mr. Koizumi must complete the cost estimate before he ——for the conference.


15. Although the new X150 printer is ——to other models, it costs only half as much.


16. To address budget deficits, Lunere County plans to limit spending and ——tourism.


17. Operating instructions are posted above the printer so you can ——refer to them.


18. The Vickwell Historical Museum will be closed for renovations ——on Monday, September 10.


19. Finley Plant Nursery implements the ——latest agricultural techniques.


20. According to the compensation guidelines, employees who regularly complete their work ——it is due may receive bonuses.


21. Thank you for your ——in the Foxdale Apartments community emhancement survey.


22. Solar energy has become a key ——in the development of additional energy resources throughout the region.


23. The LPN auto company has issued a special report to address concerns ——the fuel efficiency of its vehicles.


24. This year;s company retreat will focus on techniques that help people think more —–


25. Employees must ——requests for time off to Ms. Cheung for approval.


26. Board members are free to discuss the issues among —before the formal Votes are taken.


27. Judging by ticket sales, Fen Jiang’s first attempt at directing a film was ——a success.


28. ——the Nolan Credit Union parking area is now open to the public, a section has been reserved for credit union employees.


29. Pharmacy technicians are responsible for verifying and processing prescriptions ——they are requested by a physician.


30. All laboratory personnel must attend the clinical safety workshop to ensure ——with new regulations.


Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word, phrase, or sentence is missing in parts of each text. Four answer choices for each question are given below the text. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 31-34 refer to the following press release.Cecil Munrow, founder and president of Munrow’s, Liverpool’s largest retail clothier, announced that he ——(31) £4,000 to the city’s new community center. The funds derive from the sale of tickets to a party held last night at his company’s ——(32). Mr. Munrow will present a check to the center tomorrow at its opening ceremony. ——(33) the past twenty years, Mr. Munrow has organized several fund-raising events for charitable institutions and community services ——(34).









Questions 35-38 refer to the following notice.
WXO Ratio Turns 5O!
On February 3 WXO Radio will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. That’s half a century of stimulating ——(35) Over the years, we ——(36) our listeners breaking news,thought-provoking stories, and popular music from around the world. Now we invite you to celebrate with us during an open house from 5:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. on February 3 at our Eighth Street studio. Take a tour and see some of the behind-the-scenes magic. Watch a demonstration of our digital audio equipment. ——(37) The open house is free, but registration is required. We hope you can join us for this ——(38) occasion.









Questions 39-42 refer to the following article.
June 8 ——(39) Today the Bratton City Council approved an agreement with KGRM Enterprises. Under the agreement, KGRM ——(40) the 22-acre lot on Mueller Street. The proposal calls for building both offices and retail stores on the site. Bratton’s mayor, Keith Wercler, says he welcomes the —- opportunities this project will bring to the area. “We expect the project to create 700 permanent full-time jobs,” he said. “I am glad it was finally approved after so many postponements.” ——(41) KGRM spokesperson Katie Cornyn expects the project will take five years to complete, yet cautions that setbacks may still occur. “We’ve provided the council our best ——(42) but it’s not possible to foresee all issues that may arise,” Cornyn said.









Questions 43-46 refer to the following e-mail.
From:      Customer care <custcare@arttodaymag.ca>
To:          Karma Bhat <kbhat87l@5mail.Ca>
Date:       November 5
Subject: Welcome to Art Today
Attachment: Form

Dear Ms. Bhat:
Thank you for subscribing to Art Today! ——(43) you will be among the first to know about exciting art exhibits, concerts, auctions, and festivals throughout Western Canada. Your first issue will arrive within the next few days, and then each issue will be sent at the beginning of the month.——(44) Your subscription also allows you unlimited ——(45) to articles, videos and other multimedia on our Web site. All you need to do is log in using your subscriber number and password, which you will find —–(46) the enclosed enrollment form.
Ken SuzukiCustomer Representative









Part 7

Directions: in this part YOU will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 46-48 refer to the following notice. We are pleased to announce that Teresa Parka has joined the Severin Law Firm as an associate attorney. Ms. Park graduated with high honors from Naridell University Law School, where she specialized in copyright and trademark law. While attending school, she worked as a clerk in the legal aid office at the university. This past summer, she completed an internship at Delmar and
Associates, a legal firm whose client base includes writers, musicians, and other professionals in the publishing industry. Ms. Park has an exceptional record of service and will be a valuable asset to our team. Please join us this Thursday at 3:00 P.M. in the main conference room to welcome her to our office.

47. Where is the notice most likely posted?


48. What are employees invited to do on Thursday?


Questions 49-50 refer to the following notice.
Attention West Arragon Residents:
The West Arragon Business Directory has grown so large that it takes up a sizable portion of the neighborhood newsletter. As a result, we will no longer be printing the directory on paper and will offer it online instead.The directory is not posted yet, but it will be found at www.westarragon.com in the next few weeks When it becomes available, I suggest that you review your listing to make sure it is accurate. If you find that your listing is out of date or has a link that does not work, please let me know so that  can make the necessary changes. Thanks,Judy LansterWest Arragon Neighborhood Council555-0013

49. What change will be made to the business directory?


50. According to the notice, why might readers contact Ms. Lanster?


Questions 51 -53 refer to the following agenda.
Workshop: Team Buildingl7 April9:l5 AM. to 4:30 P.M.£40 per person
9:15 A.M:       First Steps.Focus on important issues that small businesses face. Identify your company’s long- and short-term objectives as well as any areas in need of improvement 10:45 A.M:     Fostering FellowshipLearn how to help create an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competition among your employees at all levels.
12:15 P.M:     Lunch BreakParticipants may choose between two complimentary entrees: grilled chicken sandwich with salad greens or pasta with vegetables.
1:30 P.M:      Team ActivitiesExperiment with team-building exercises for both small and large groups. Work with your fellow participants to get ideas that you can use with your own employees.
3:00 P.M:      Evaluation TechniquesLearn about methods to determine whether team-building activities are having the intended effect. Get tips on how to use common office software to track progress at your company.

51. For whom is the workshop most likely intended?


52. What session involves identifying goals?


53. What is NOT indicated about the workshop?


Questions 54-57 refer to the following article.
Local News
Monday, March 31
The Cloud Theater on Gordon Street will close at the end of this month, but this important piece of real estate Won’t he closed for long. The building has been sold to the Lakehurst Cinema Society (LCS). According to LCS Executive Director Kartik Malla, the group is planning to make some updates to the building before it reopens. He explained that the seats, screens, and sound systems will be replaced in all of the theaters. —[1]—.
“However,” Mr. Malla added, “we’ll he keeping one of the Cloud Theater’s old projectors so we can continue to show classic films in their original format.”
Up to now, the Cloud Theater has played mainly art house, independent, and foreign films. — [2] —. The former owner, Mr. Eugene Sattler, who has now retired, always sought to make the Cloud Theater a haven for artistic films. He was successful for many years, but ticket sales have declined in recent years and he decided it was time lo sell. — 3 —.
“This was a hard decision (o make,’’ said Mr. Sattler. “I will miss working at the theater. I am happy the LCS is going to bring new life to the old theater.”
Under its new ownership, the theater will continue to show (hose artistic types of movies on special occasions. It will also show more mainstream movies that will appeal to families and children.
The society plans to reopen the theater to the public on July I. In addition, it will continue to serve as host for the classic film classic that begins the first weekend in August and continues for ten days.
Everything about the festival will remain the same except for one thing. Formerly called the Gordon Street Film Festival, it will now be known as the Lakehurst Cinema Society Film Festival. — [4] —.

54. What is suggested about the Cloud Theater?


55. According to the article, what was difficult for Mr. Sattler?


56. What was renamed?


57. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?“The concession stand has also been eliminated.


Questions 58-59 refer to the following brochure page.

As our corporate client, you
• gain access to cutting-edge technology
• pay only for what you use, thus reducing hardware and software expenses
• enjoy our streamlined up-front, and ongoing billing
We provide
• customized software production and regular maintenance of on-site hardware (requires one-year contract)
• management and regular upgrades of applications and databases
• storage, backup, and data recovery
• an around-the-clock service center for fast resolution of issues
• access to our exclusive Venture Remote Monitoring (VRM) system

58. What is one of the services offered by Venture Solutions?


59. What is mentioned about ongoing care of computer equipment?


Questions 60-62 refer to the following job advertisement


Your Online Job finder

Work for the best!

Other companies ask their salespeople to make countless calls to potential customers who are no expecting to be contacted. At AJQ Insurance, customers call us for their insurance needs! Our insurance sales associates take only inbound sales calls from interested potential policyholders. These positions are free from the pressure of selling on commission.

Complete our sales training while being paid a generous hourly rate. Take the exam to become a licensed insurance professional. If you succeed, you may be offered a salaried position.
We will consider education and experience in the salary offer. Some university work is useful, but motivated high school graduates will also be considered. Because we work with our customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we offer many shifts to choose from—with an additional 10% in pay for late-night and early-morning shifts.

Please click “Apply Now” below to take advantage of this opportunity with Youronlinejobfinder.com. You will need an active e-mail address and phone number to complete the process. Suitable candidates will be contacted by phone or e-mail. Call 409-555-0123 if you have any questions about the application process. We recommend that you become familiar with the company before applying by visiting our Web site at AJQinsurance.com

(Apply Now)

60. What duty is mentioned as part of the job?


61. According to the advertisement, what is required for a salaried position?


62. According to the advertisement, why should applicants visit the AJQ Web site?


Questions 63-66 refer to the following article
A Long-Lasting Love for BooksFebruary 29 ——-Both in and around Pine Hill. Alfred Carlson, who has been teaching Russian literature at Pine Hill State University for twenty years, is probably best known as the owner of The Treasure Box, the town’s oldest bookstore the store has two unique features: it specializes in rare books and is open for business on Saturdays only. Evidently, walk-in sales make up only a small percentage of Mr. Carlson’s business: the bulk of the store’s revenue is generated by orders placed over the telephone or online by universities, museums, and private collectors.
On Sunday The Treasure Box will be celebrating its sixtieth anniversary. “When my mother. Willisa, opened the bookstore all those years ago on Green Edge Road, two blocks from here, she probably had no idea it would still be serving the public six decades 1ater,’ Mr. Carlson said. The store still displays the original sign over the doorway. The interior retains the living-room atmosphere it always had, with its mismatched tables and chairs. One section of the store is filled with hooks about baseball, an abiding passion of the Carlson family. On Friday nights the store becomes an informal social club. Not surprisingly, members tend to enjoy conversation about rare hooks, literature, and baseball.
Later this month Mr. Carlson will mark another milestone: he will he retiring from his teaching position. His retirement does not mean, however, that The Treasure Box will see extended business hours; it will continue to be open once a week. “I am not retiring from one job just so that ¡ can spend more time on another.” Mr. Carlson said. “Rather, the fact that I no longer will have to prepare for classes or grade students’ papers means that L will be able to dedicate more time to my children and grandchildren.”

63. Why most likely was the article written?


64. What is NOT suggested about Mr. Carlson?


65. The word “retains” in paragraph 2, line 9, is closest in meaning to


66. What is stated about The Treasure Box?


Losif Volkov [11:04 A.M.]: Ms. Medrano, I e-mailed you the revised contract.
Have you received it?

Lucia Medrano [11:06 A.M.]:
Yes, it just came in now. Thanks for making those changes.

Losif Volkov [11:07 A.M.]:Of course. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. The contract now states that you will be paid 175€ per accepted article rather than 125€.

Lucia Medrano [11:08 A.M.]:
Perfect. I’ll look it over now, sign it, and send it back to you.

Losif Volkow [11:10 A.M.]:
Great. We’re always looking for good material for our magazine. I look forward to receiving your submissions
Questions 67 – 68 refer to the following text-message chain.

67.  At 11:07 A.M., what does Mr. Volkov mean when he writes, “Of course”?


68. Who most likely is Ms. Medrano?


Questions 69-71 refer to the following e-mail.
To:                         Mercedes Salinas <msalinas@fithealthplanning.bm>
From:                     Leonard Cowden <lcowden@srhealthcenter.bm>
Subject:                  Bermuda Healthy Living Conference
Date:                      16 April
Dear Ms. Salinas.
I’m excited that you have agreed to be one of the speakers at our second annual Bermuda Healthy Living Conference on 12 May. I realize the invitation was last minute, and I truly appreciate your willingness to step in for Cara Branston. — [1] —. Your expertise as a dietitian will be greatly valued by our participants. The strong attendance at Ms. Branston’s session last year on vegetarian meal preparation reflected that. — [2] —. This year there is sure to be great interest in your unique approach to healthy eating. If you would like to sell copies of your book, please ship them in advance to allow time for us to set up a display. — [3] —. Also, be sure to let me know if you’ll need access to a projector with a remote for your presentation. — [4] —. Lastly, could you send me a short biographical profile as soon as possible for inclusion in our conference program? Thanks again.
Leonard Cowden

69. Why did Mr. Cowden most likely send the e-mail?


70. What is suggested about Ms. Branston?


71. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?
“It is no trouble at all to have visual equipment available.”


Questions 72-75 refer to the following text-message chain.

Diane Ulrich | 11 July, 10:25
Jake, has order #9829-2 been sent out yet?
If not, the customer has asked us to add item #645A.

Jake Hollis | 11 July, 10:28
That’s a customized silver ring, right? The engravers usually require a minimum of 3 days to add the customer’s personalized message.

Diane Ulrich | 11 July, 10:29
Can you get it any sooner? The customer needs it as soon as possible.

Jake Hollis | 11 July, 10:31
Let me check with someone from the engraving department.

Jake Hollis | 11 July, 10:33
Kim, can you do a rush job on a ring? It’s item #645A, for order #9829-2.

Kim O’Dell | 11 July, 10:34
How soon do you need it? Is tomorrow. OK?

Diane Ulrich | 11 July, 10:35
Yes, that works. Thank you both for your help!

72. What type of products does the Store sell?


73. What does the customer want to do?


74. Why does Mr. Hollis contact Ms. O’Dell?


75. At 10:35, what does Ms. Ulrich most likely mean when she writes, “that works”?


76. Why did Ms. Bartosz e-mail Mr. Wickler?


77. What is suggested about Asher’s Faming Digest?


78. What is mentioned about Ms. Bartosz


79. In the second e-mail, the word “placing” in paragraph 1, line 1, is closest in meaning to


80. What package does Mr. Wickler most likely want?


Questions 81-85 refer to the following e-mails

To: j.bonsky@kwipt.net

From: u.akpan@frasherdigitalmarketing.com

Date: Wednesday, July 9

Subject: Frashker Digital Marketing technical writing

Dear Ms. Bonsky,

Thank you again for applying to Frasker Digital Marketing. We enjoyed speaking with you on Monday and are thrilled to invite you to join our technical writing team. As you know, your work will entail writing user guides, installation manuals, newsletters, and other documents for our technology clients. Your strong background in information technology will be a big asset, as it is crucial that you understand the technical details of our clients’ products and can articulate this information clearly and succinctly

Your work will begin in August with an in-person training session at our headquarters in Albany, New York. We’d like to find a time that works for as many people on the new team possible, especially those like you who do not live in New York. Please respond to this e-mail as soon as possible and let me know which weekend in August you prefer.

This is a contract position, and aside from the initial training session, work will be done remotely during whichever hours you choose. As discussed, you will receive a page rate that depends on the complexity of each assignment you choose to accept. AI Chalmers, our head of human resources, will be in touch soon with all the necessary documents you will need to fill out

We look forward to working with you!

Uwana Akpan

Frasker Digital Marketing

To: undisclosed recipients

From: u.akpan@fraskerdigitalmarketing.com

Date: Thursday, July 10

Subject: FDM training

Dear Technical Writing Team,

Based on your responses, we have determine that August 16-17 works best for most of you. Please note that training will run from Saturday Morning through Sunday afternoon. We expect anyone who lives outside the area to arrive on Friday, when we will arrange for you to have dinner with some of our local writers if you like. All travel expenses will be covered by Fraskser  Digital Marketing. More details about this will follow, but for now I just want to inform you of the schedule so you can put it on your calendars

Uwana Akpan

Frasker Digital Marketing

81. Why did Ms. Akpan write to Ms. Bonsky?


82. What information is Ms. Bonsky asked to provide?


83. What is indicated about the technical writing team members?


84. What will Mr. Chalmers contact Ms. Bonsky


85. What will Ms. Bonsky most likely do on August 15?


Participant feedback

I’m a photographer, and the views and locations you see on this tour are second to none. This company knows how to treat its customers, and I hope to be back for more adventures. Our guide, Dympna Murray, was knowledgeable and energetic. As a native of the city we visited, she exhibited a charming familiarity with its traditions and culture. I learned a lot about the history of the city through her interesting stories

Posted by: Evan Bryant

86. What is suggested about Janney’s Star Tours?


87. According to the advertisement, what can Janney’s Star Tours offer clients?


88. What is suggested about Mr. Bryant’s tour?


89. In the Web site feedback, the word “treat” in paragraph 1, line 2, is closest in meaning to


90. What is indicated about Ms. Murray?


Questions 91-95 refer to the following chedule, e-mail, end review

African Council for Industry & Commerce 6th Annual Symposium Van Ravenswaaij Convention Centre Cape Town, South Africa Saturday, 9 August
Tentative Schedule

9:00am – 9:30am

Welcome and Opening Remarks by ACIC President Storey Dambuza

Leadwood Banquet Hall

10:00am – 11:30am Mangrove Room Willowmore Room
Enhancing Flavor, Texture, and Nutritional Value-Marius Van Rhyn Creating Standards of Excellence for Safety and Quality-Shameen Pillay
1:00pm – 2:30pm Traditional Preservation Techniques Revisited: Canning and Pickling-Fezekile Agwu Purchasing Automated Equipment For Your Production Facility-Avanish Gupta
3:00pm – 4:30pm Innovations in Refrigeration and Storage for Perishable Products-Anja Haasbroek Packaging Strategies for Product Shipping-Thabo Kekana
·        Presenters must notify Cedrick Molawa (cmolawa@acic.org.za) of neede changes by 3 july. A final version of the schedule will be posted by 10 July on our Web site, www.acic.org.za/schedule.

·        Presenters MUST register for the event. Select the “Registration” tab on your Web site and fill out a registration form. Be sure to mark the box labeled, “Presenter”, Additionally, those planning to recruit personel should complete an Employer Application, available under the site’s “Career Center” tab

·        The Vertin Suites has a limited number of rooms still available at a discounted rate, so consider booking promptly

From: Anja Haasbroek ahaasbroek5@mnpind.co.za

To: Cedrick Molawa <cmolawa@acic.org.za>

Date: Thursday, 24 June 1:50pm

Subject: Schedule change request

Dear Mr. Molawa

Due to circumstances beyond his control, my colleague, Thabo Kekana, is unable to give his presentation. I have now been asked to take over from hi. Looking at the most recent draft of the conference schedule, however, I noticed that the time slot assigned to Mr. Kekana conflicts with mine. Kindly assist me in resolving this dilemma. Thank You.


Anja Haasbroek

Web: www.acic.org.za

Comments: At the recent ACIC symposium I gave a presentation on the intricacies of buying automated machinery. Not only was my lecture well attended, during the subsequent question-and-answer session I was compelled to cover material that I had deliberately omitted from the presentation, fearing it would be too complicated. Clearly the audience was far more competent than I had anticipated. Additionally, in my capacity as a recruiter, I interviewed a dozen candidates for a critical position at my company. This initial experience with the ACIC symposium was utterly gratifying and I’m looking forward to the next edition

91. What industry is the focus of the conference?


92. According to the schedule, what are presenters expected to do?


93. What has Ms. Haasbroek been asked to do?


94. In the review, the word “capacity” in paragraph 1, line 5, in closest in meaning to


95. What is probably true about Mr. Gupta?


Questions 96-100 refer to the following article, newspaper editorial, and e-mail

CORDOVA (May 6) – Cordova city officials have begun preliminary discussions about what to do with Lowell Street Bridge, a historic city landmark that is in dire need of an upgrade. While costly restoration options are being considered, several factor make demolition a more likely outcome.

“It’s a tough decision and one we don’t intend to make hastily,” said city planner Colin Barnwell. “So far, it seems that replacing the bridge makes the most financial sense.”

Price isn’t the only consideration, however. According to structural engineer Steve Pachenco, traffic flow is another important factor. “Highway 49 will soon be broadened from two lanes to four. Then, Lowell Steet Bridge will no longer be able to accommodate the increase in vehicles,” he said. “The way I see it, a wider, more modern bridge is inevitable.”

For residents who want to share their opinions and ideas, the city council will be holding a public input session at Helman Square next Thursday at 11:00am.

Letters to the Editor

May 7 – I’m writing in response to yesterday’s article about Lowell Street Brdge. This bridge is an invaluable part of Cordova’s cultural indentity and it is in the city’s best interest to keep it intact. Considering the tremendous amount of income the cultural-heritage-tourism industry brings to the city annually, I would argue that the short-term costs of restoring this historic landmark would be economically worthwhile

Maria Cantu, member of the Cordova Preservation Society (CPS)


To: members@cordovaps.org

From: leo_contreras@cordovaps.org

Date: May 19

Subject: Lowell Street Bridge Update

Dear CPS Members,

Congratulations! Thank to our strong community presence at the city council event, and after countless phone calls to city council members, it looks like Lowell Street Bridge will not be demolished after all! The Cordova Times published an article today stating that the city is now planning to relocate the bridge to the Eastside cultural district, where it will be used for foot traffic rather than motor vehicles.

This decision is surely due in part to the fact that each of you voiced your opinions last Thursday

Thanks again,

Leo Contreras, Cordova Preservation Society Community Organizer

96. In the article, what is indicated about the city of Cordova?


97. What is NOT implied about Ms. Cantu?


98. In the e-mail, the word “countless” in paragraph 1, line 2, is closest in meaning to


99. Why does Mr. Contreras congratulate CPS members?


100. What is suggested about CPS members?


Question 1 of 100

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