Luyện Trắc Nghiệm Tiếng Anh Bài 1 ( Có Đáp Án Kèm Giải Thích )

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1. Mr. Lee takes care of several ——- tasks, such as sorting papers and tiling documents in the cabinet.


2. —— anyone wish to access the information on the status of his or her order, the password should be entered.


3. The job fair held in the City Center last week is considered the most ——- one so far, with over 3,000 people in attendance.


4. We had to spend the whole month searching for better solutions, and ——- customers were impressed by our efforts.


5. Documents with a secret nature are ——-retained in each director’s safety deposit box.


6. ——- regular inspections, accidental system problems arise from time to time.


7. Through the lnternet people are discovering new ways to share relevant information with——–.


8. The summary contains not only a technical—–but also solutions to adverse effects of urban renewal developments.


9. —— for the money management seminar will be forwarded to all the managers tomorrow.


10. The recruitment advertising meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow has been —-until next week.


11. ——- none of the participants has showed any interest, numerous outdoor activities have to be cancelled.


12. The conference’s keynote speaker addressed ——- impacts of digital technology on the current music industry.


13. The manager said that it is ——- to test emergency equipment frequently to avoid any malfunction.


14. Ms. Walters was ——- to make a presentation on how to increase revenue when I entered the room.


15. As the company’s strongest competitor released a new line of fall clothing, NTR Inc. moved ——- to introduce its new leather jackets.


16. The purchasing department ——- the drastic changes to the purchasing practice with outside suppliers.


17. The fitness club ——– a steadily increasing number of customers and is eager to develop new programs.


18. All workers are required to use the sheet provided to ——– their working hours and have their manager sign the form to verify the hours at the end of each day.


19. Because the annual budget report must be submitted ——– the end of the month, employees are busy calculating figures.


20. Customers ——- wish to retum merchandise within 7 days of purchase must present the valid receipt to the store.


21. Applicants must possess a master of business administration or ——- experience in a related field.


22. Those who have questions concerning fringe benefits are advised to consult —— employee handbook.


23. Even though assigned tasks are somewhat complex, we will have to complete them before we ——– for the day.


24. The unexpected operating complexity was  more  serious than  ——- anticipated.


25. The two divisions have unveiled ——- plan to set aside millions of dollars to invest in a very lucrative field


26. Even if residents in the area have shown strong ——– to the project, the city government may not be hesitant to proceed with it.


27. Information on events occurring in the theater ——- the year is available through our website.


28. The expansion of the natural history museum is most ——- the cause of significant revenue increases.


29. The enclosed documents summarize ——- changes to the existing overtime regulations.


30. The team members have the same opinions on the matter ——– they shared the same information.


31. —— her hard work and commitment to the company, Ms. Ramirez was promoted to the head of the public relations department.


32. It is necessary to ——- a thorough survey in order for us to obtain highly desirable sites for our new headquarters.


33. All laboratory employees make it a point to take every ——- to avoid potential hazards.


34. The ——- of the intemship program are to help job seekers strengthen their professional skills and make them suitable tor careers they are looking tor.


35. The employee-of-the-year  prizes  will  be   awarded to employees who demonstrated——-contribution to the company’s overall


36. Due to —— fuel prices, the company has decided to add a surcharge to all deliveries.


37. The library has announced a new ——– that all borrowed books must be returned 5 business days from the checkout date.


38. The effects of affordable housing ——- in rural areas will be discussed at the conference.


39. The more we spent with the sales team, the more ——- we were with their innovative marketing skills.


40. ——- proficiency in German would be of much help, it is not a requirement for the advertised position.


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